Dingo Road Services has carefully selected a range of products approved to meet Australian Standards. All products have been tested to ensure they are suitable for application to all road and surface types, including airports, commercial and industrial complexes, sports facilities and even grass.

Waterborne Roadmarking Paint

We use what is known in the industry as Waterborne Paint, a lead-free formulation to meet the requirements of RTA Specification 3356, AS/NZS 4049.3:1996 and GPC-P-41/5. Non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment, it is especially developed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. Using modern application techniques it is fast drying to minimise downtime with the safety of being a non-flammable water-based paint. It is available in a wide colour selection with a high adhesive quality to enable skid reduction and reflective products (see Bead information) to be added.

Hot & Cold applied Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic provides a long-lasting line marking solution. Its durability and high retro-reflectivity allow for increased safety. Specially formulated for specific climate and pattern, thermoplastic is available in preformed pieces or free flowing screed to enable placement to any location. Manufactured in Australia to RTA Spec 3357 and AS/NZS 4049.2 standards. Thermoplastic is applied by heating the product to enable it to bond to the surface followed by natural cooling ensuring maximum adhesion. Thermoplastic is recommended for any conditions and surface with skid reduction and reflective products able to be added during the application process.

Plural component Cold Applied Plastics

Cold Applied Plastic is a two-component cold-curing methacrylate-based roadmarking compound. It has a durability approximately 3 times longer than thermoplastic. This long life product can minimise road closures and traffic interferance by maximising remarking cycles. It has excellent exterior durability and high glass bead retention, it can be used for roadways, walkways, school zones, signs and bicycle and bus lanes. Applied cold, the two components, dispensed separately bond and harden on contact and have the flexibility to absorb movement beneath it.

Glass Beads

Bead products are embedded into line marking products to increase reflectivity of markings and to improve skid resistance, making surfaces safer for users. We use a number of different types of glass beads, all serving different purposes from increased wet weather retro-reflectivity to higher skid resistance. 

Raised Reflective Pavement Markers

Used especially in conjunction with line marking these single or multi way reflectors provide road user assistance in identifying road edges and centre lines. Reflective Road Markers are applied to any surface using an adhesive.





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